Directed by Gregory Dark
Starring Savannah, Madison
(Note: You'll notice this review takes a far less "critical" tone than my previous entry on The Devil in Miss Jones. I originally wrote this for Adult DVD Talk, so that audience is more interested in the sex scenes than the background and socialogical stuff. Still, I tried to make it stand out.)

Originally published on AdultDVD Talk.

How does one follow up a classic with the status of the 1985 original New Wave Hookers? To call it a daunting task would be a gross understatement. New Wave Hookers took a completely different angle when it came to peddling smut to the masses.

It was cheeky, it was irreverent, it was just plain filthy - no pretense of a romantic plot, no performers chewing the scenery, throw in a touch of controversy (the forever lost "Devil" scene, featuring the notorious Traci Lords,) and you have the makings of a film just daring you to make an effective sequel.

New Wave Hookers 2 tries gamely to live up to it's lofty predecessor, and almost succeeds. But, how does it fare as an adult film in it's own right?

All the touches are there. A talented cast, scorching hot sex scenes sprinkled with weirdness, and a memorable soundtrack, all of these are present why does the film fall somewhat flat? Times they are a-changin' son! But more on that later.

All lofty notions aside, we're here for the let's get the plot out of the way.

Mystical pimp Willie (Jack Baker) "baptizes" his oversexed harem into a libidinous frenzy, and said women go out and shag any man they can get their acrylic-nailed hands onto. All the while, a mysterious investigator (the embarrassingly-named Rip Hymen) looks on, hoping to discover Willie's secret.

Thin plot aside, the sex is where this film really shines, well, sort of shines. It all begins in an entertaining nod to the original New Wave Hookers. Our lovely ladies are introduced to us, one-by-one, diddling themselves while shooting seductive looks into the camera, surrounded by the kind of smoke and lighting not seen since the mid-1980s and accompanied by the The Plugz performing "Electrify Me."

Scene One: Madison, Peter North, Tom Chapman This seems to be one of those scenes everyone seems to have witnessed at one time or another. Under Willie's spell, Madison picks up Peter North and drags him (willingly) into a back alley for a sweaty, standing fuck - as drunken bum Tom Chapman looks on through his stupor. It should be said that Dark Bros. films are aimed at a very singular demographic (straight men) while other filmmakers of the time realized the broader audience for porn. If you are looking for a sight of Peter North's shiny bubble-butt, you'll be disappointed. However, Madison gives an enthusiastically hot performance, especially during the blow job. While she takes it from behind from North, her vocalizations are right on the money, none of the histrionics common in early 1990s starlets. After North unloads in Madison's hand and departs, our heroine finishes off by bouncing on Tom Chapman's cock (again, no male nudity, but Madison makes up for it.) All-in-all a scene that sets things in motion nicely. Energetic, a little nasty, a little dangerous, and very sweaty.

Scene Two: Danielle Rogers, Randy Spears Definitely a scene everyone can relate too, the sloppy bachelor bringing the beautiful girl back to his apartment. Ok, maybe not EVERYBODY can relate. Another hard-pounding, sweaty fuck. While it's nothing to really write home about, and not particularly ground breaking, Spears and Rogers look great together. While going at it doggie-style, Danielle's beautiful face is covered by her hair, with only her gorgeous mouth showing, and her moans are, like Madison's, realistic and not over the top. While not an exceptional scene, in doggie they make a nice pair, Randy's great cock and Danielle's beautiful cheeks, you could do worse. Good for a wank, but doesn't add much to the film.

Scene Three: Cameo, Cal Jammer, Joey Silvera, Patricia Kennedy, Rikki Lee, TT Boy To me, this scene almost makes the whole movie. There's something in it for everyone. The women are smokin' hot, you've got oral, vag and double vag, and men as equally attractive as the women with no hang ups, plus Joey Silvera is in a goofy hat. How could you go wrong? Fans of the bubble butt will be happy to see TT Boy in this one. The most notable aspect of the scene is the double vaginal tiny Cameo performs with Joey Silvera and Cal Jammer. It's an obvious nod to a similar Ginger Lynn scene in the original New Wave Hookers, but I think I actually like this one better. Poor Cameo seems filled to capacity, so much so that Cal Jammer, rather humorously, has trouble keeping his cock in her. All the while Joey Silvera just lies back and enjoys the ride. It's a bit rough, but somehow, not rough enough considering it's a Dark Bros. film. Lots of balls to balls contact for those who like that sort of thing.

Scene Four: Ashley Nicole, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Randy West, Tony Montana, TT Boy An orgy in the classic Dark Bros tradition, so why does it feel like something is missing? Ashley Nicole is stunning in a fishnet outfit, and things really get messy once she's doused in oil. The men stay fully clothed in this scene (except for their cocks, of course) but even fans of the male form might enjoy this one as Ashley gives it her all, tackling five cocks without batting an eyelid. Despite the oily, slippery mess, and the constant pounding from her male co-stars, Ashley's big moment still comes off as slightly subdued. That's where the main problem with the film comes in, the grit and grime of the 1980s just doesn't seem to translate into the more glossy early-1990s period in smut. Still, it's an energetic scene with a lovely lady and reasonably attractive fellas.

Scene Five: April Rayne, Amanda Stone, Sandra Scream The film's sole female-only scene. Yeah, it's pretty. Yeah, the women are beautiful and seem to be enjoying themselves. The whole thing just doesn't fit in a Dark Bros. film. Where's the filth? Where's the weirdness? It all seems like the kind of scene you'd download, have a quick wank, and quickly forget about. Mercifully, the scene is short.

Scene Six: April Rayne, Savannah, TT Boy A great little scene, if you forget that you're supposed to be watching a sequel to New Wave Hookers. TT Boy (with a lampshade on his head) takes on both April Rayne and Savannah, and it's a good one. You've got your standard doggie, your standard mish, but things really pick up at the end as TT Boy plows away at Savannah from behind as she nibbles at April Rayne's pussy. In the meantime, April's face is firmly planted between Savannah's snatch and TT Boy's balls. I can think of worse fates! Savannah has occasionally been accused of lacking enthusiasm, but she acquits herself well here. Everyone seems to be having a good time, and that always makes a scene more enjoyable to watch.

Scene Seven: Jamie Leigh, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, TT Boy Now THAT'S more like it! Dom Jamie Leigh leads her tricks in on a leash (I bet this isn't the first time for that adorable little perv Joey Silvera!) and proceeds to get fucked like there's no tomorrow. By this time, most viewers would be immune to DP scenes, but this one is volcanic! Marc Wallice and TT Boy seem to be quite a tight fit in Jamie, but that doesn't mean the scene is timid. On the contrary, both guys are pounding away, and while Joey doesn't get in on much of the action, he does put his tongue to use on occasion. Jamie is loving every minute, alternatively moaning and wincing as the boys go at her naughty bits. There's a perverted smell in the air in this scene, even though what's happening isn't all that extreme. The scene has everything that was missing from the rest of the film, a bunch of sex pigs rooting away like there was no tomorrow. A short scene, but a great one!

I found it unfortunate that while Madison and Rip Hymen spend much of their screen time together, they didn't have a sex scene. The chub set isn't particularly well-served in straight porn, and Rip Hymen never did onscreen sex anyway, but something tells me the voluptuous lady and the adorable butterball could have really been interesting together. We'll never know.

New Wave Hookers 2 is really a film as much behind its time as the original was ahead of it. The gloss had descended onto porn by the time the film was made and there was no going back. Whether Gregory Dark deliberately held back the reigns on this one, or it was just a sign of the times, I'll never know. On it's own, New Wave Hookers 2 is enjoyable enough and could surely inspire a few cock pops, but it's nothing particularly special, and certainly not the film it's Papa was!

As for the DVD itself, it's your standard VCA "Classics" disc with annoying menu music and no extras worth bothering about. Picture and sound are adequate, but nothing that will jump out at you. Not an essential purchase, but fans of any of the stars will no doubt enjoy this disc.
-Johnny Stanwyck


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